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You've always wanted to learn how to use Tarot cards in daily life? There is nothing complicated! Expert Violetta told in simple and accessible language in his author's course "the Tarot as a tool for predicting and changing the future." Meet the mysterious world of the Tarot closer - purchase of recording of the video and learn how to work with the cards yourself!

After watching the video you will be able to:

- the right to pick out the perfect deck;

- configure the card to work;

- start quickly and efficiently examine the maps and guess.

We will look at different types of decks and their features. You will learn how to use Tarot to improve your life and how to make simple classifications for the General view of the situation. You will learn how to interpret major Arcana and use them for energy work. I'll tell you a few secrets to help you in the shortest possible time perfectly master the art of divination.

When ordering this service you will receive a link to recordings of the three webinars. The duration of each is about 60 minutes.

Information needed from you

Passing the course does not require prior knowledge, as all the necessary information dealing with the basics and has a practical orientation.

I will describe for You the program each of Your "Four forces", and will also make the calculation of Your "Castle of fate" which will show all turning years of change in Your life. This calculation will help You keep track of your life path (a technique of recapitulation), and also to know when You will receive a continuation in the different years of the programmes. You will soon ensure that there are no coincidences! You can get not only verbal advice, but also to order the forecast or the Oracle in writing..
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
50 Euro
This video: "Tarot as a tool for predicting and modifying the future"
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