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Assistance in choosing the optimal solution
This service is for You, if there is doubt about what decision should be taken to choose two or more options. I will help You to correctly assess the situation, weigh the "pros" and "cons" of each of the choices.

An example of a written consultation.

Question to expert:

A former colleague from a previous job is going to take a maternity leave. She calls me to work under her supervision, with a view to take her position at the time when she is on maternity leave. Should I accept or stay current job?

Expert's answer:

Zoe, before you make a decision about whether to move to a new place of work, you need to determine the goals You want to achieve. If You need confidence in tomorrow and consistency, it makes sense to stay at the current place of work. Here everything is stable and predictable, understandable relations, established workflow and clearly defined role in this process. However, at the current place of work there are no opportunities to make a serious leap up in both material and professional terms. There is a ceiling that You have already achieved and continue to grow nowhere else.

However, if You want more and are willing to take the risk, you need to go to another organization and it may make sense to accept a job offer that You received from his former colleagues. Although, of course, this proposal also has its "pros" and "cons".

At the new place in two, two and a half months You will feel that You have obtained, and begin to cope with their new responsibilities. Those few months while You work with Your boss (under her leadership), everything will be smooth. However, after this lady going on maternity leave, will be a difficulty and manifest "cons" that were not obvious until You have worked under her supervision.

The first "disadvantage" is that You as a Manager will have to make serious decisions and hard to talk to someone before You as a friend, drank tea. All this is unpleasant, but not all like you, with this You can handle.

The second "minus" is that after leaving the chief's decree You'll be to communicate more with their superiors. You will be hard pressed to find a common language with him. It will be a serious pressure, and You have to hard so much so that sometimes You even will think, and do not go there at all.

The third minus is that the boss, while on maternity leave, will regularly wag your nerves, fearing that You can "unseat". She is going to call Your subordinates and find out from them what is happening in the company, through Your head to give them instructions, and You are constantly tugging and slight the fact that You're doing it wrong and should be otherwise.

It will be a difficult situation for You. And one way out of it is to write in turn to the boss that everything bad that You did not get that chef to You find fault that You can't work and want to leave. Your colleague is very afraid that You will leave before she can go to work. So instead of wag your nerves, it will begin to persuade You to stay and, incidentally, will protect the leadership. For You, the difficulty lies in the fact that in this game you need to play constantly, and this requires a hefty acting ability and energy costs.

There are "pros" in this whole situation. The first plus is obvious - you earn more money. The second "plus" is that this work and although nervous, but much more interesting than what You do now. In addition, You will gain invaluable experience and further professional activity will be very useful. And the last argument is that in addition to experience in a managerial position in a large company You will receive the appropriate entry in Your workbook and summary. When you search for a new job will allow You to apply for higher positions and wages. *

Information needed from you

1. Your name, date, place and time of birth (if You specify the time of your birth, astrological prediction will be more accurate);
2. Describe the situation and specify the names and ages of other actors.
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Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
45 Euro
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