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The rival "The rival: the love triangle"
The love triangle is one of the oldest life situations. It is no coincidence that even among the older Arcana Arcana, this story occurs! So on the sixth arcade of the Marseilles Tarot, a young man hesitates between two ladies, each of whom beckons him to him. This is a situation of a difficult choice, two ways that diverge once and for all. However, today, in an era of free morals and new rules, this situation can last for months, and even for years, causing pain and causing questions: Why did this happen? What did he find in her? Why does he not choose in my favor? What will happen next?

Fortunetelling of the Italian painter Milo Manara was created to study the relationship in the situation of treason, but is often used to study the causes of the love triangle. In this case, it is suitable for both sides: for the wife, and for the mistress. This divination examines the situation from different points of view. It will help to get important answers to understand the motives of a man and find out exactly how he chooses his companion, what he thinks about, and what are the prospects for relations with him for the current year.

Ordering a service, you will learn:

- What is really a man whose heart you are fighting with a rival?

"Who is his wife and who is his mistress?" To whom he is stretching his soul, and whom he decided to use?

- How does he treat this situation? Rejoices with joy or experiences the torture of conscience?

- How is going to build a relationship with his wife and mistress in the future?

- What good does he see in his wife and what attracts him to his mistress?

- How will their relationship develop in the coming year, and also whether there is a risk of an unforeseen situation at this time?

Example layout:

I was approached by Olga, she is the civil wife of Constantine, who has been meeting with another girl for two months. Her name is Svetlana. The rival "The rival" showed the following:

The figure of Constantine was opened by a card of a bored person, much of his life now makes him bored, with a desire to have fun and unwind. A wife for him is a woman, in relation to whom he has invested a lot of his strength, but he has not received an answer. In her position is a map of futility, lost efforts that have not yielded results. Mistress, on the contrary, appears in the form of an emotional and bright girl who wants and is ready to fight for attention. However, there are a lot of emotions, even too much.

My husband is quite calm about this situation (two women), for him it is not just a norm, but a right. The right of the strong. The right of men to do as he sees fit. Constantine really wants to return to the past level of relations that was with Olga, when they just started dating. These memories thrill his soul, do not let him go. But with Svetlana, he does not want to build a relationship, as a scandal, an ugly end, falls out.

What does he have with his wife? The desire to prove his rightness and his feelings, he wants her to become jealous of him, answered him emotionally. What do you like about your mistress? Its ability to create small touching holidays at every meeting. How will the relationship develop in the coming year? With his wife Constantine wants to maintain the relationship, but they will not be the same, on the contrary, having felt the possibility of a new position, he continues to use it. But the relationship with Svetlana Constantine will conclude, as her emotions will soon bore him too. What can happen in this triangle? The appearance of a new girl who will be interested in Constantine. And this is a significant risk!

As you can see, in this scenario there are many points that Olga needs to pay attention to: she is bored with her husband, and his attempts to restore relations, as well as bravado in communication with his mistress. And all this initially to return the depth of feelings. However, after playing, Constantine can go on this way further. Therefore, as long as there is an opportunity, Olga should begin to deal with relationships, build them, pay more attention to her husband and reveal his feelings to him. Learning the situation better, you can find options for getting out of it *

Information you need from you

1. Names and birth dates for all participants (dates are very desirable, but you can work without them);
2. It is desirable to have photos (joint or separate, without glasses);
3. A brief description of the nature of your question.
I am wondering on the Tarot cards, know the many hands,. Answer questions about romantic relationships and relationships with friends, family and loved ones. With the help of Tarot cards you can learn how it applies to You favorite person if he has another woman. I'll give You expert advice on how to understand and find a way out of difficult situations. Experience - 12 years.
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
45 Euro
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