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A man - a man of decisive and determined. Nevertheless, it is also sometimes uncertain about the choice in my life. The balance on the Tarot cards will help to dispel them and make the right decision. If you want you can make a prediction for the future: to see how it will develop one or another situation depending on Your choice.
We can see two basic spheres of life of Your choice - relationships with women, or job-career-business. You can also ask any other question that You care about.

1. Relationship. Here we are looking now, look at You and Your wife, girlfriend, girl. And make the forecast. Answer all Your questions - how to be in a difficult situation, what to do, to establish whether relationship, to marry or divorce, how she feels about You, thinks on how to resolve the situation of a love triangle, etc.

2. Business and work. Here we look at the success of the business project of the enterprise: what to change, why there were problems, is it possible to get rid of them and how. Whether to take on a project, contract, etc. about the job: watching a financial forecast for a given place of work and whether to change it, and Your sphere of activity, etc.

The result of the alignment will be answers to your questions, the clarification of the problem situation and help You in making wise decisions. *

Information needed from you

1. Your name and age.
2. What sphere of life we look: relationships, business or You have a different question.
3. Brief description of the situation and Your questions.
My hands on the Tarot cards will help to attract good luck into Your life, to know the reasons for doubts and to dispel them, to understand how to act in a difficult situation. For example, we learn that feels to You or that person that is waiting for You in a relationship with him. In the field of career it is possible to figure out whether to change jobs, what are the prospects. A list of questions for my consultation and Tarot card readings is not limited. We are working to complete victory! Work experience - more 14 years..
Your personal numerological horoscope for 2017
Numerological forecast made for 2017, will allow
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Diagnostics of relationships: what feels to You partner
All the questions regarding Your loved one, you can reply,
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Attract money
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Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
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The Tarot of the business and relationships for men
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