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Your personal numerological horoscope for 2017
In the modern world we are surrounded by a lot of people. Co-workers, neighbors, friends, loved ones - generally, they wish us success, joy, fulfillment of our desires. But there is another category of people with whom we communicate on vital issues. Communication with them is not always imbued with positive energies.
The talisman is a special, unique item, designed to protect a person from misfortune, calamity, and accomplish tasks in attracting prosperity in life. They could, for example, a decoration, a mineral statuette, a vase, a special sign made to order. It has especially energetically activated (charged) from the forces of Light, i.e., connected to the specified power flows of the Subtle world, which affect man and his destiny positively. The mascot will only be created for one purpose and one person.

What is it that You or Your loved one?

Definitely for protection and to attract prosperity into Your life. If people energetically attacking someone on it has had a negative effect, the charm is immediately commits to the Subtle world causes patrons of a man who stood up for him. In particular, in this connection, the talisman and the man himself is constantly receiving nourishment from the Patrons of the talisman and the man.

What You get in the end?

Talisman - Strength (the thing), which should always be with You. It can be a wonderful gift for Your beloved or a close friend. When carrying out activation (charging) energy is changing things, it is tightly filled with the necessary positive energy, and is already becoming a carrier of specific programs, such as protection against negative influences, strengthen internal energy, attracting financial prosperity, enhance Your attractiveness to the opposite sex, belief, etc.

As we activate (charge) the desired object?

You order the service, prepare the subject for activation (charging) to the personal account put up a photo of the subject. I send You a program manual, which You will follow. I will do my part within five days, and You his, then a protective talisman will be ready.

Very often it also happens that the talismans work effectively only when a person realizes certain conditions. This is determined, again, by the Forces of the Subtle world, which take the human under his wing when creating a mascot. That is, the person to get the help of a Higher power, still needs something and he can do about it in addition so will You in the process of voice consultation at activation (charging) of the talisman.

Attention! Talisman is not charging to harm living beings, binding and manipulation of any kind.

To order the voice services require prior consultation will be charged separately (10 min.).


In this example, Tatyana Sergeevna ordered a Protective talisman for her daughter Alina. Girl on a speciality - the bookkeeper. The talisman has been energetically activated to protect from negative influences and bring good luck in her professional career.

On preliminary consultations within 10 min. we with Tatyana Sergeevna discussed in detail:

- what subject will work;

- we need to work together;

- what goals are pursued, e.g., protection from negative influences, from the machinations of competitors, etc.

Our joint work in charge of the mascot to attract the life of her daughter good luck in her professional work and protection from negative influences 22.04.2015 starts at 9:00 Moscow time (Moon in Gemini), it will be over 26.04.2015 G.

Charge item - a silver ring with a pearl.

Necessary items - candle yellow, dark purple saucer without a pattern. Our work together will last five days, according to sent me the Program of the user. I will do my part within five days, and You - his (according to the enclosed Program instructions, which detail what will happen with the subject in each day separately).

Program-instructions written for each case individually, taking into account the client's wishes and placing the necessary accents. If you had the program, following all recommendations, Tatyana Sergeevna got energetic mascot, which was presented to her daughter as a gift on birthday from loving parents. Gift Aline liked, she began to feel much more confident, and June 7, 2015 she was offered a promotion, and envious colleagues talk about the fact that someone young is rapidly making a career, using his external appeal, quickly subsided by themselves. Needless to say that the gift of parents has become a favorite decoration Alina? *

Information needed from you

1. Prepare the object that will be charged to the personal account put a photo of the subject;
2. Prepare one candle, the color will be specified in the pre-voice consultation;
3. Attach photos of the person who will own mascot, it can be family, friends or beloved one;
4. Name and patronymic, date of birth of the owner of the talisman;
5. Select the direction to activate the talisman (protection from negativity, strengthening of the internal appeal, belief in their strength, luck, tutoring, etc.
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