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Sometimes it seems that You have stalled, everything goes wrong, communication becomes another argument. There's love, respect for each other, passed one obstacle not together in difficult times, went through life shoulder to shoulder, and suddenly.... As usual, thoughts about the competition, everything starts to irritate. Endless quarrels and tears make life to hell. It seems that the world has gone crazy, can't happen to(a) love(a)...

In this service You can ask a question about a specific relationship:

- Is there rivalry.

- The prospect of restoring relationships.

The prospect of further development of relations.

- Is it possible to save the Union...

And the most important question that we often ask each other: "is it love, or maybe love already, but there is a habit?". And the most frequently asked question in the consultation: "And if he loves(a) me?".

Also in this service You can ask questions about the relationship, which only began to emerge.

If You see one of the items You are interested in, then this service is for You! *

Information needed from you

1. Your name and partner.
2. Day, month, year of birth and your partner.
3. Brief description of the situation, whether there are children.
4. Race relations, whom you dovodilos each other (spouses, civil relations, beloved).
5. Photo (be sure your time and that of the partner individually).
I will describe for You the program each of Your "Four forces", and will also make the calculation of Your "Castle of fate" which will show all turning years of change in Your life. This calculation will help You keep track of your life path (a technique of recapitulation), and also to know when You will receive a continuation in the different years of the programmes. You will soon ensure that there are no coincidences! You can get not only verbal advice, but also to order the forecast or the Oracle in writing..
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
50 Euro
Viewing the prospects of Your relationship
The service
is provided by expert:
Lola - Victoria
Video consultations
With psychics and masters
Esoteric practices *

* Esoteric (from the Greek εσωτερικός) -