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Everyone wants to meet his "soulmate". Ideally I want to meet a man with whom will be long and happy relationship, family, possibly children. Maybe now is the time when a man can meet?

What to do, where to find it? And whether it will be the most desired and long-awaited?

We know that preparing soon for You in the sphere of love. You have to keep still, and what to change. You will be able to understand what You need now, who and how You can "attract" to yourself.

Not always our dreams of a Prince or Princess from a fairy tale becomes a reality, do not worry! Because real happiness is in the real world where ordinary people live.

Look for Your happiness together?

Example response:

Natalia, 32 years. Forecast for love. Marital status - not married. Partner no. A former partner Sergei, 35 years of relationship with him ended a year ago.

Natalia, in case consider Your personal life and relationships with such feeling as love.

The present: nostalgia, fear of falling, unwillingness to part with past feelings and relive the loss. What to do in this case? To have Affairs! What are You afraid of You most want. You really want (and recommended) to quench the thirst of meetings and the desire to be in the company of men to receive compliments and to accept gifts. So You're going to meet, You are bright and bold. It will not be easy at first, but it makes no sense to continue to sit in sadness and worry. You need a source of male energy, which will quench Your thirst.

Your forecast for the next 3 months: search this source and his presence! Do not think about relationships and how You build them further. Just enjoy the attention of men and their compliments, feel beautiful and desirable. Map showing Your true desires, speaks of "program loyalty" to one man and the echoes of past guilt. This feeling of guilt, alas, is true now - You find it difficult to allow themselves sensual female manifestations, including love. But, except in practice, to overcome these settings will not work. Because of them You not is personal life after breaking up with Sergei.

Long-term prognosis (6 months or more). Among men never met need. You present to Your choice the requirements are too strict because you want to be 100 percent sure about him (unwillingness to re-experience the loss - the beginning of the alignment).

Remember: we make the forecast not to come true. We see from this situation that might happen and, if You do not much like, we begin to rectify the situation now. What can you do right now? To admit their weaknesses and shortcomings, to acknowledge that You can not be perfect. This is a step on the path to love which starts with yourself. Allowing that, You allow it and men and you will be less disappointed in them.

Example: let's say a woman loves when a man does not take care of themselves, such a man is unpleasant for her. Map "Mirror" says: as always she looks perfect? And if so - is in order so no one to blame, then why is she blames the other?

The decision of Your task - not to strive to be innocent and not to blame others that they are not the same "good" as You. This is Your key to harmony in your personal life.

Now about relations with Sergey that You have completed. What's the bottom line? The maps show that resentment still remained. The desire to resume the relationship - rather like the imagination - "let him make amends". This situation You better to live and let go - to scenario for You is much more valuable than a new relationship, rather than trying to somehow "cope" with Sergei. The fact that You will be happy with someone else, You did not "betray" Your vulgar with Sergei, especially since he is already in a relationship and their personal lives, quite happily.

The results are as follows. Soon filled with new acquaintances, with quite Mature, sexy men. You will, of course, scary, but these are the men You need, they will help You to recover after past hurts and losses. Release yourself in Dating, in sex, in emotion. Let Your heart be fixed, that love is not ideal, not something very high and unrealistic. Love is Your female realization, Your joy with which You go in this world, and that will appreciate strong men.

Wish You joy and happiness. Sincerely,  VVN

Information needed from you

1. Your name and age.
2. Your marital status, the presence or absence of a permanent partner.
3. If you want to ask about a certain person (how will the relations with them), then do the alignment only. Need his name and age, and your experience of your relationship and relationship type (marriage, cohabitation, just an acquaintance, etc.).
My hands on the Tarot cards will help to attract good luck into Your life, to know the reasons for doubts and to dispel them, to understand how to act in a difficult situation. For example, we learn that feels to You or that person that is waiting for You in a relationship with him. In the field of career it is possible to figure out whether to change jobs, what are the prospects. A list of questions for my consultation and Tarot card readings is not limited. We are working to complete victory! Work experience - more 14 years..
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
50 Euro
The Tarot of the love
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