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Tarot reading "love, not Love?"
Amorous feelings often take us by surprise. When waiting for this magical phenomenon - it turns out nothing: no one like You not like someone who You like... But in the moment when You relax and drop all expectations, a miracle happens! You are a wonderful person You are in love and so happy... And so curious to know what really thinks and feels about You to Your partner? What he wants from this relationship?

Refer to the Tarot to get the answer to this question.

There is a special Tarot reading "love, not Love?", which will help you find answers to the following questions:

1. What a man thinks about You? He feels about You now?

2. What relationship ready now is Your favorite?

3.That hides from You is Your favorite?

4. What kind of relationship possible between You in the next six months?

In addition, You expect advice from Tarot.

This alignment can be performed for girls who are interested in the feelings of men, and for men, if he is interested in the attitude of the girl.

An example of a scenario from my practice:

Alexander, 1985 year of birth. Irina, born in 1987.

We are working together. This girl I really like. We're trying to do? Will I be happy with it?

Alexander, Hello. Here is my divination.

Let's get acquainted with You. What kind of person You are? You, Alexander, is a man who can "kill word". In conflict, You can scream, waving his arms. The main thing - to protect themselves from the offender. You, Alexander, are very visible in society. You work well in trade. You are on a short contact. In a love relationship is the most important thing - honesty and integrity. You will never go away from his family for a mistress. And mistress, You will be required. You will never tire of that! You pay attention only to the girl neat, clean, with clean skin. Girl should be slim. But You in a love relationship "swift to hand". You quickly enter into a relationship and enjoy with such speed that the woman can not make it, may not understand Your thoughts and feelings. To hold You back, You need to wear down the information. There is another important point - Your woman needs to be careful with money. Here's You, Alexander, wonderful man!

And what is it, Irina? Irina believes that the beautiful only that neat and clean. Her feelings are always under control. She can't "disconnect your head". A girl is difficult "to lose a head from love." Irina may your feelings to sort through. That is exactly what she loves people. Clothes Irina probably prefer business style. Decorations, if used, it is not in order to stand out. It was important for her other issues - clothing, convenience, price, possibility of washing etc With the money Irina is very economical. Used to economize on the little things. In a love relationship is too demanding to man. Can sometimes exaggerate his flaws. And then the problem "grow" out of the blue. But Irina is very sensual!

Now let's fortunes. Perform the TAROT reading "love, not Love?".

1. What Irina was thinking about You, Alexander? What feels?

You'll excuse me, Alexander, but the cards showed that Irina is now more friendly to You. She's a girl, somewhat disappointed in the men in love. There are negative Irina to the young man at the age of thirty years. Brown hair, dark blonde. About You Irina thinks You're already fairly firmly established. Or the girl sees in You great potential in this regard. But the girl doesn't really like Your attitude to money. If You are not too stingy? Not too strict about money? But, Alexander. You have correctly felt that Irina falls in love in You. About the big and serious feelings too early. But You care about the girl. And irritating because of some trifles. But You know that Irina is difficult to turn off the head and letting go?

2. What relationship with You, Alexander, Irina ready? What kind of relationship he wants?

Alexander and Irina have a good relationship with father? Perhaps the girl in childhood, felt the pressure, the tyranny of the father. And now it's like someone slips in her behavior. A girl can look somewhat arrogant. Pride is felt. Maps showed that Irina probably wants a very different relationship than was shown by her father towards the mother. Irina, like, wants that to her it was the opposite. She "wants to outdo the father." Is Irina Cherished desire. It's probably family. But the girl doesn't want to rush into this. She believes that in her life it will be mandatory. And will big love! And Irina is determined to win! But as long as the girl is willing and ready to work to move up the career ladder. Want to learn more. Wants to achieve something. While love Irina has been on the back burner.

3. That Irina is hiding from You, Alexander?

Special terrible secrets of Irina no. But, probably, she doesn't want to show that she is still afraid of being alone. She is afraid of the dark-haired woman aged forty years. The woman is capricious, harmful, vindictive. But very warm Irina concerns and appreciate the support of a blonde woman aged forty years.

4. What kind of relationship possible between You, Alexander and Irina, in the next six months?

The maps showed that in the next six months will not be between you and real love relationship. And not because Irene is not going to happen. Just near You is a blonde girl that or hurt You, or entice You more than Irina. Girl friend You. By the age of thirty years. You, Alexander, may be against Irina's not masculine behavior. But if you look at You astrological terms, Irina needed just such a man as You, Alexander. Think about it. Good girl. You can still correct the situation.

5. Advice from the Tarot.

"Consider obstacles as a springboard, successfully jumping from where You will reach great results!"

Love You, Alexander, and patience! And firmness of spirit.

With respect, the expert from Victoria. *

Information needed from you

1. Your name and date of birth.
2. The name and date of birth of the person You are interested in.
3. Brief description of the situation.
4. Your questions.
I am wondering on the Tarot cards, know the many hands,. Answer questions about romantic relationships and relationships with friends, family and loved ones. With the help of Tarot cards you can learn how it applies to You favorite person if he has another woman. I'll give You expert advice on how to understand and find a way out of difficult situations. Experience - 12 years.
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
45 Euro
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