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Friends, at work today we spend even more time than with our loved ones and loved ones. But at work, we not only earn money. We realize himself as a personality. It is very important to our emotional state. And what can we expect in terms of work and business? He will tell us about Tarot cards.

The Tarot is universal. Perhaps you already have a favorite work. But you are interested in, how will further progress of the case. Perhaps you have a job, but not happy with everything on it, and you "I look to the side", want to change jobs. You may be in search of work. A lot of options.

Here's what questions it can answer this Tarot reading:

1. What is happening with you at work? What people around you?

2. Is there any opportunity for career growth?

3. What now is your relationship with management?

4. What kind of relationship you have with the team? Someone like you "breathe"?

5. What to expect you at work in the next six months?

6. If you stay in this job, how will this situation develop?

7. If you're looking for a new job, how long You find her?

8. As you will develop relationships with the new leadership?

9. As you will develop relationships with a new team?

10. If you are looking for a new job, in what direction to move in? Write down what areas you are considering for their activities.

11. Advice from the Tarot.

Or choose from these four questions, or write their four questions.

Let's think together about what you seek, what to take to feel more confident in life!

Example response

Igor. Date of birth 29.05.1975.

Question: Hello. I work for a company that recently opened. The whole team is new. And the leadership has not yet shown itself. What can I expect at this job in 2017?

Response: good afternoon, Igor. You - is the invader and aggressor. You are tough. You are very noisy people. Never keep silent. If you look close in the room - you will come up with a companion. You are very sociable.

As of now you feel at work? Now you are somewhat confused, Igor. But it is temporary. You're just careful and smart man. Coming to a new team, you look to people. But you still show what you're capable of!

How is you team? Is the team very "slippery" (sorry). I think you have already felt it. This is a dark-haired man aged forty years. About this we can say: "yours and ours". You cannot trust such a man. Be sure to cheat and framed.

Other members of your team belong to you, Igor, with interest. You expect from something incendiary.

As you now include the manual? Leadership begins to understand that in your face they acquired a competitor. Relationship to you cautious. But with interest!

What to expect you, Igor, for your work in 2017? Your company will probably slowly but will gain momentum in the work. Promotion plans real. People chosen by an experienced. There is, of course, the loss in the team. This may be a young person under the age of forty years. He will go himself. It's just not his place.

The attitude of you will be calm. In six months you will appreciate. And perhaps your career.

For you, Igor, 2017 in the work plan will be successful. You like driving and pick up speed. Not going to stop, and not have to.

Good luck to you Igor! With respect. Victoria. *

Information needed from you

1. Your name, date of birth.
2. Briefly your situation: whether you work or have your own business, are you going to change the place professional plans.
3. Your questions.
I will describe for You the program each of Your "Four forces", and will also make the calculation of Your "Castle of fate" which will show all turning years of change in Your life. This calculation will help You keep track of your life path (a technique of recapitulation), and also to know when You will receive a continuation in the different years of the programmes. You will soon ensure that there are no coincidences! You can get not only verbal advice, but also to order the forecast or the Oracle in writing..
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
50 Euro
Tarot reading for the next six months
"Just about work"
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