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Tarot birthday
The amount on the day of Your birth is very important for each of us. Among the masters of the Tarot, this type of divination is considered the most faithful! The fact that on this day You have opened some closed doors, and information is easily available outside and read by the master.

Guessing the birthday is a very serious occupation. We are using this scenario we will look at your life from all sides.

Questions for Tarot reading birthday:

The theme of love:

1. What is happening in Your personal life?

2. What Your loved one thinks about You? What feels?

3. What kind of relationship he wants is Your favorite?

4. What's missing from Your favorite person in You?

5. If Your men love thoughts and desires towards another woman?

6. If Your favorite is not clear, what is happening in his family?

7. What kind of relationship possible between You and Your loved one in the next six months?

8. If You do not have a loved one, will meet You in the coming year?

9. How is Your ex-boyfriend? To wait or to forget?

The theme of work and finances:

1. Now that You have going on in life in terms of work, finances?

2. What to expect You at work in the coming year in terms of career and Finance?

3. What people around You at work? How You relate to Your colleagues, Your leaders?

4. Your partner in business whether to trust him?

5. If You are in search of work, offer options, and maps will show which option would be preferable.

Friends, You can choose eight questions from this list or propose their own questions. I will be glad to help You!

Example scenario:


Anisiya, 08.03.1977 G. 03.00, Stockholm

Mark, 19.05.1975 14.00 city of Hamburg.

Had a relationship with Ivan for three years. Failed. Parted. Can not forget this man. But a lot of resentment in the soul.

Interested in issues of love. What was it? To wait or to forget Ivan? What happens in my personal life in the coming year?

At work restless. Planned cuts. Will I remain in this job? Will there be changes in salary? Promised last year career. Will you? What awaits me in the coming year in terms of money?


Irina, Hello. Here is my divination.

Let's get acquainted with You. What Are You?

You, Irina, gentle and caring as any other woman. But the true depth of Your feelings can understand and appreciate only the closest people. To outsiders You may seem cold and unapproachable. For You, Irina, the greatest importance to have a family cosiness, harmony and understanding. You will do everything to make Your loved one was the house warm. To be drawn back home. You are very affectionate. Fall in love immediately and very seriously. If you love failure, You have long experienced, "heal wounds". If the romantic relationship is successful, You just zaniite her man, love. And if possible, you want a lot of children. Warmth and patience You have! You are a good and Thrifty housewife. Know how to cook. Your birth chart showed that You had difficulties in childhood. May have been foster parents. Or one parent was not home. Maybe there were some family secrets that You are trying to solve. But it will not work. You, Irina, lot of confusing thoughts, many experiences. But You are wonderful!!

What kind of person is Ivan?

Ivan was very serious about his life. Up until that point, he was sensual. Especially to close people. He was a good worker, responsible and tidy. At least it would have to be that way. But in the birth chart of Ivan there are indicators that characterize him as a man quick-tempered, aggressive, demanding. It is not excluded cruel conduct. Ivan hard for their actions to achieve the desired result. If something does not work, Ivan is very upset and is restless with others. Very bad indicators for marriage. Ivan as if seeking its way in the dark! Such a complex man Ivan.

Now let's fortunes.

1. Now Ivan is thinking about You, Irina? What feels? Do you remember?

Maps showed that now Ivan is alone. A very acute feeling of loneliness in men. He wants to run to the edge of the world. Disappointment. Doubt.

But the map showed, Irina, Ivan almost never about You. Sorry. There is not a single loving thought. But occasionally, he remembers a fair-haired girl. This girl You know, Irina. When Ivan remembers that girl, thought he did not love. Maybe it was just a very wealthy girl. Ivan did not understand why this girl does not let go.

2. What is happening in his personal life, Ivan? Is love? In a relationship? There is next a woman who loves him??

No family. There is no one near who would have loved Ivan. But hope "for a brighter future" (very small) is still there.

3. What are the possible relations between you?

Maps showed the Ira that will not have relations with Ivan. Relations love, serious. As if fate hid You from this man. Gave You, Irina, to die with him. And do You love Ivan? Not pity it? Not compassion? Think.

4. The man for serious relations, for love is meet such a You, Irina, in the coming year?

Not immediately, not today, but acquaintance with such a man You will have. Familiarity will happen on the way to another city or another country. It will be five to six months. Near You at this moment will be a blonde woman aged forty years. Woman soft and fun.

5. What kind of relationship possible between You and Your new man in the coming months after Dating?

Ira, the new man is almost the complete opposite of Ivan. This is probably why You are somewhat careful you will be the first time. But love will not keep. They will act out. And feelings You both have. The maps showed that in the next six months after Dating You get married. But the relationship will be serious, loving, very real!


1. What is happening with You, Irina, at work? What people around You?

Now, Irina, perhaps some good changes You have work happen. But You're still waiting for the bad news. Probably because the whole team "hate" the dark-haired woman older than thirty-five years. Is Your Manager or colleague. The woman is capricious, harmful, vindictive. If this is the head, that will be good overall for Your company, organization. Such a leader is strict with his subordinates. But will not allow the whole company "went down".

You, Irina, worker of a very good. You are meticulous and responsible. Sometimes, of course, "head in the clouds". But in General, large claims have a guide to You not.

2. What to expect You, Irina, in the work plan in 2015? What are the prospects?

The dark-haired woman and will remain on the job. And also will annoy You, to cling to. Good changes will be in the first half of the year. Then it will be very serious failure. It may be a radical change of leadership. Or change the direction in which Your company operates. "Pull" the situation in a man aged forty years. Hair. Is someone You know. Strict, but fair. And everything will fall into place.

I think that You don't have to leave, change jobs, Irina. And the reduction does not threaten You. Everything will work out. But crisis is crisis. And it is foolish to take into consideration. In General, You, Irina, next year will be like preparation for future take-off. You still only run. Don't trip over. Don't stop. This is very important!!!

And I congratulate You heartily happy Birthday! Love to You and your health! *

Information needed from you

1. Your name.
2. Your date of birth, place and exact time.
3. Briefly, Your situation.
4. Your questions.
I am wondering on the Tarot cards, know the many hands,. Answer questions about romantic relationships and relationships with friends, family and loved ones. With the help of Tarot cards you can learn how it applies to You favorite person if he has another woman. I'll give You expert advice on how to understand and find a way out of difficult situations. Experience - 12 years.
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
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