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Girls! Yes, girls! Whether You are 20 or 50, and in any case we are still girls! And each of us really want to be loved, understood, cared for, pampered, paid no attention to the whims, jealous... Right? And who will do it? That's right - your loved one, your soul mate. And do You meet your Mr right in the next year?

Friends, the loved one is very serious. We need to approach this calmly. And Tarot cards help us in this.

I came up with the author's Tarot reading "Where is my betrothed?" especially for you! We all know that the most faithful fortune-telling take place at night. So I have to do divination with 12 hours of night. First, we look at you, looking at your Natal chart. Let's see what you and the kind of man you want.

Then we will perform a Tarot reading. The alignment will answer the following questions:

1. What has happened in your life in terms of love?

2. Now what is going on in your personal life?

3. You will meet her future husband in the next year?

4. What will it be? Someone will Zodiac Sign?

5. What kind of relationship possible between you in the next six months after you met?

6. Advice from Tarot cards.

Girls, this is a special situation only for those who are free, who freely heart! Let's see what awaits you in love in the coming year!

Example services

Question: Maria (23.05.1987 years). When I meet my the Only one?

Response: Maria, Hello. You're probably one of those people who know how to live slowly, enjoying shopping, food, love. You only buy the right things. If you make a gift, it is "the place". Careful with that money.

You are conservative in their tastes. If anything or anyone will love - for life! You find it hard to fall in love, to open. You are very reliable in relations.

So nice you are a girl, Maria! Now let's fortunes.

1. What has happened in your life, Maria, in terms of love?

Serious love feelings and is still not quite gone from you, Maria, to the young man under the age of thirty-five years. But that relationship is over probably three years ago.

Now you're completely ready for a new relationship. Your heart is waiting for love!

2. What is happening with you, Mary, in your personal life?

Now in my personal life is fellowship. You may support familiarity with the two men. But one of them for you, Maria, just a friend. And the other man attracted to you sexually. But the man did not answer you, cause that is not free.

You are now full of hope for a Bright future!

3. Will meet you, Mary, his Betrothed in 2017? This interesting meeting will happen, Maria. It will happen on the road to another city, another country. Perhaps after March 2017. It will be young people under the age of thirty-five years. Very active in nature.

4. Who will Sign your new man?

Your new man is probably Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius. This is the man who is always striving for more. The man who is always busy, always something to learn. In a relationship this person is a loyal friend and ardent lover.

5. What kind of relationship possible between you and your new man in the coming months after Dating?

Relationship with this man will develop rapidly. Different man just does not know how. Amorous feelings almost immediately you both shall slay. In the next six months you probably still won't make their relationship official. But you'll live together from day one. Probably!

Advice from the Tarot: Maria, you still have a little time to restore order in the soul and to prepare a place for true love!

Good luck to you! Sincerely, Victoria. *

Information needed from you

1. Your name, date of birth.
2. Briefly, Your situation.
3. Your questions.
I will describe for You the program each of Your "Four forces", and will also make the calculation of Your "Castle of fate" which will show all turning years of change in Your life. This calculation will help You keep track of your life path (a technique of recapitulation), and also to know when You will receive a continuation in the different years of the programmes. You will soon ensure that there are no coincidences! You can get not only verbal advice, but also to order the forecast or the Oracle in writing..
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
50 Euro
Special fortune telling for single girls
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