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Sacred divination of love
If you already have a friend who is dear to your heart, light the candle on the table in the dark, plan his name and throw 12 peas of pepper into the bowl with water. If you still do not have a loved one, and you are only waiting for love, do not be sad - just imagine a picture from the future, how would you like to meet him, and after that, take 12 peas of black pepper and throw into the bowl. After that, cover the pial with your hands, as if creating a "roof" for your future family nest, and continue to visualize the images. At this point, no one should distract you from your thoughts. Peas of black pepper in the bowl should stop in a certain position, do not shift them - these are events. The bowl should not rotate around its axis, it's time. After that you can make a photo of the bowl and attach it to the order. The appearance of the bowl should be the same as you see it, sitting facing the table.

What questions do you get an answer with my help?

1. Will this year be a fateful event in your personal life (meeting a loved one / marriage proposal / parting of a couple)?

2. What will be the relationship (romantic and affectionate / temperamental, demanding and conflictual / spiritual, sublime, at a distance / sexual, passionate and thriving)?

3. What is more important at this stage of life for a partner: a relationship with you or work, career, money?

4. What is more important at this stage of life for you: love or self-realization?

5. How long will this relationship last?

Note: if you are not expected to meet with your partner this year, or the year will bring a separation from an existing partner, the divination reveals the reasons for parting and makes it possible to fix everything.

If for some reason you could not attach the photo to the order of the service, you need to describe in writing the location of the peas, imagining that before you is not the water surface in the bowl, but the dial of the clock. In order to obtain this data accurately, it is possible to place the bowl on the glass surface of a large wall clock in advance, aligning the center of the dial and the center of the bowl with water, and send it "away from yourself". If you do not have such a clock, then draw the dial on a sheet of paper, and arrange the sheet in front of you so smoothly that your eyes were directed "at midnight", at 12:00.

I recall: after conducting fortune-telling, you will need to describe the location of the peas on the surface of the water only if you can not send the photo (the top view of the bowl). Mentally from the center of the dial, take an arrow, and determine what time it corresponds (take as a basis not minute, and hour hand) and write: peas fall at 12:30 15:10 15: 40,17: 20, etc. Thus, you will give me 12 data - by the number of peas.

I wish you a productive Christmas Eve and wonderful fortune-telling! *

Information you need from you

1. Piala with water (better thawed);
2. 12 peas of black pepper;
3. The candle;
4. Wall clock with a glass or a schematic drawing of the dial (only if it is not possible to take a picture of the cup and send a photo).
I am wondering on the Tarot cards, know the many hands,. Answer questions about romantic relationships and relationships with friends, family and loved ones. With the help of Tarot cards you can learn how it applies to You favorite person if he has another woman. I'll give You expert advice on how to understand and find a way out of difficult situations. Experience - 12 years.
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
45 Euro
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