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Casting wax "Restoring order in your life."
It can be cleaned with wax?

Absolutely everything! Any aspect of life, from bad moods, destructive emotions, to business ideas and material objects (apartments, premises, the sale or purchase of cars and real estate). This technique surprises with its ability to influence regardless of time or geographic location. Moreover, the person conducting the session may not know about it. But you will observe changes in his behaviour and moods.

If we change fate or karma? No! Destiny is written in your horoscope and to move the planet, at least by one degree, no practices. Wax cleans and harmonizes the energy within and around man, making his life easy. And in a state of internal harmony it can sensibly and wisely make the right decision and move on.

How's work going?

The cost of this service includes one session to "restore order". The session consists of 9 vyletok wax, i.e. 9 times is the impact on the desired object.

It is possible to agree about time, you been watching me during the session, especially if you are a sensitive person who likes to observe the life energies and emotions.

After the session, interviewed by telephone 20 minutes (consultation basis). There is a discussion seen in figures of wax. Very expressive wax figures are photographed and sent to you by mail. Recommend their long keep in the mail. This "dirt" that they need to get rid of, even in a photo, it is not needed in your life.

Important! It is recommended to spend a minimum of 3 sessions, 27 heats. *

Information needed from you

1. For this procedure you need a photo of a man machine, floor plan, etc.
2. The work takes place only after a session of Tarot and viewing situation!
I am wondering on the Tarot cards, know the many hands,. Answer questions about romantic relationships and relationships with friends, family and loved ones. With the help of Tarot cards you can learn how it applies to You favorite person if he has another woman. I'll give You expert advice on how to understand and find a way out of difficult situations. Experience - 12 years.
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
45 Euro
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The service
is provided by expert:
Lola - Victoria
Video consultations
With psychics and masters
Esoteric practices *

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