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Determining the fate of a person's
moles on his body
Moleosophy - one of the oldest Sciences, studied the effect of skin lesions (nevus, birthmark, warts and scars) on the fate and character of a person.

Today this science is inferior to the prevalence and popularity of magic other related Sciences like palmistry and physiognomy. But if we turn to the esoteric arguments of the cutaneous neoplasms is a point release of internal energy, and this energy can be both constructive and destructive, or opposed to the other two charges, it can be sexy.

For example, the majority of women included in the history, because of its beauty, the face marked with a prominent mole on her upper lip, as an example, we can cite the famous Marilyn Monroe. And now a female to attract male attention, I put the fly in specified location. Or another example, a mole on the bridge of the nose or center of forehead, a sign often seen on the faces of people who made a great contribution in political and public life of his country or all mankind, for example, we can consider the Buddha. Similar examples can result in a huge number.

According to the ancient esoteric treatises, color, size, convexity, and place the formation of moles indicate a power effect, it has on the human character by actions in the present and the future. And with this information, each of us a new look at your life and affect your future. If skin cancer has a positive effect, then use it, if destructive, then reduce or remove this effect.

We just need time to unravel all of these notable marks on the body and face, and now this opportunity is close and within reach like never before.

My advice is to help you:

1) to Tell you what he's talking about a sign on your body;

2) to Give recommendations on how to reduce the negative impact moles or, on the contrary, strengthen its positive effect;

3) to explain to you how much or that the mole can affect your character and destiny.

Moleosophy is one of my favorite Hobbies, and I very willingly advise you. *

Information needed from you

1. Photo: a good overview of the moles, and preferably faces in profile (right and left side, open ears) and full face (open your ears and forehead), moderate make-up;
2. Your question, what you want to know.
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Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
45 Euro
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