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"Karmic relationships and the task of karma for a couple"
This practice I practice on the maps of Simbulon. In addition to the layout, I calculate the dates of birth of the numerology of a man and a woman from the cards of the Simbulon with its full characteristics, which shows the second "I" of the person himself at the level of his intuitive perception of the world, reality, events, thoughts, actions, communication, etc. Sometimes, and very often, there is a big conflict between how we see and perceive the person himself, physically we can touch him, speak with a word, take some actions or commit some act towards that person. And in return we can get a completely different reaction to our actions from this person.

For example, very often in a pair between a man and a woman, I observe such an example and stereotypes of people's behavior when you visually look at this couple in the photo - a very beautiful couple of young people or a married couple. No matter at what stage they are now in the family: just recently married, or already lived for 25 to 30 years, a man either changes his wife, or displays rudeness, lies, jealousy, and a woman can not "properly cope" with this, because As he does not know the true essence of his chosen one - his second "I". Where at his birth date and on the numerology of the Simbulon cards on an intuitive level this inclination to constant change or fear of losing his "soul mate" can be laid, then there is a manifestation of pathological jealousy, mistrust and other negative manifestations ... Such moments can be observed And by the woman, especially in the manifestation of jealousy and distrust towards his chosen one.

With the help of this scenario, you can "reveal a person", his second person, his very essence at the soul level, his fears and problems at the level of psychoemotional, to give the right direction for correcting all negative and what methods of work.

And the most important information on this scenario is the clear karmic task of the couple and an understanding of why this or that person comes to life and the fate of the other. At what stage the couple stopped their relationship in the previous incarnation, who was the culprit in breaking the relationship - for example, the husband was to blame for breaking the relationship in the past, went to another woman, or "taken away" with the help of magic - in the same incarnation this man can To meet for themselves a very complex karmic partner - a woman with whom conflicts can constantly arise. And since they do not know their karmic task of a couple, that in the past they were a family, they will already work out a bunch of mistakes with their misunderstanding of each other. The end result, as a rule, now the woman will make the decision of the final break - the family again will not live the time allotted to it from the beginning to the triune. So it can continue indefinitely - the perpetrators of the rupture of relations will change places, instead of understanding and understanding their karmic tasks of a pair of men and women.

There are karmic couples who have already fulfilled their tasks of the genus - this can also be seen from the layout, then it is necessary to properly complete these relationships, so that after the break both the man and the woman "did not" toil up to seven years old, and could not build their new relationship with the new ones Partners. Other relationships they can develop with other people, but it's just purely sexual interest, and not a relationship at the level of unity of souls!

The 14th map of this scenario shows the prospect for the future of this pair.

An important condition for working with this scenario is that the client must quickly and without thinking to name in any order 14 numbers from 1 to 78. It happens that a person automatically calls 15 cards - I take this card into account as an additional clue about the prospect of developing relations for the future. All the cards are counted from a very well shuffled deck, according to the numbers mentioned by the client and in the order that he recorded them - this is important! According to these numbers, a person can intuitively convey the essence of what is happening in a couple and in the relationship with the opposite sex. *

Information you need from you

1. Accurate data on the date, time and place of birth;
2. First name;
3. 14 arbitrary numbers from 1 to 78 (the first ones that come to mind are important!).
I am wondering on the Tarot cards, know the many hands,. Answer questions about romantic relationships and relationships with friends, family and loved ones. With the help of Tarot cards you can learn how it applies to You favorite person if he has another woman. I'll give You expert advice on how to understand and find a way out of difficult situations. Experience - 12 years.
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
45 Euro
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