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Diagnostics of relationships:
what feels to You partner
Each of us has fans, and is not always clear that You are experiencing your boyfriend, what feelings, what thoughts he has about You and what further intentions. You always want to know what is on the mind and the soul of the interested person. What are the prospects, what are your future plans and what kind of development of events in your relationship? All of this can be answered by diagnosing the further development of your relationship.

In a very short time I'll look at Your young people:

- Know of its intention regarding You, what he feels, what he wants to offer You, what does he think about the future prospects of relations with You;

- To view if he has another woman besides You, and what are the prospects of relationship they have at the present time;

- Figure out what Your relationship can prevent the difficulties of the obstacles, too much talk back.

All I see is very individual, I look through and on the human phantom and other energy methods. We look to him in the head and a little bit of soul, look at his specific intention for You, so You are not puzzled: "what he thinks and feels?". All this we find the answer.

Will completely scan Your future prospects, what to expect and what to avoid in your relationship. Or if you had a fight, then see how best to resolve this issue. Or, in some cases, the person just disappears and doesn't make contact, we will see when will be his appearance and whether it will do. *

Information needed from you

1. A photo of the person diagnose;
2. Your photo, which clearly shows the face;
3. A clear question;
4. Your names and date of birth.
Main areas that I work with is a psychic, Tarot Tarot cards and runes, as well as correction and harmonization of the biofield. Please contact me if You need to find the answer or the right solution in the situation in which You find yourself. I will not refuse to help, always prompt, what to do, how to resolve the issue and find a middle ground that will lead You to harmony with yourself and others
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Diagnostics of relationships: what feels to You partner
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