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Relation about the relationship "Carnival Mask"
"What is our life? The game! "- So wrote Shakespeare, a true connoisseur of love and relationships. And it's true, we play some roles every day. Sometimes they become so familiar and familiar for us that even in relationships we continue to act according to the template, the script. Or, wanting to appear better than there is in reality, we put on someone else's mask to play an unfamiliar role. After all, in the past, people put on carnival masks to lose their social roles and allow themselves more: freedom, flirting, relationships.

To behave like one who can afford it ... in society such tactics often help us to cope with difficult situations, but in a relationship it hinders rather than helps. Since, wearing a mask, we cease to be ourselves, and openness, frankness is one of the main conditions of close relations.

The alignment will help you understand the real motives and feelings of not only your partner, but also yours! To see what kind of relationship really is, behind all this tinsel of other people's roles, masks and costumes? Should they be supported and strengthened? And who is he, the person we really like?

The response answers the following questions:

- What kind of mask do you have? How do you behave when communicating with someone you like? What do you want to show and what does it see with your own eyes. And also, what role does your partner play, that is, by whom and by what does he want to appear?

"What's under your mask?" What are the real motives for you, what do you want, what do you think about? And what is hidden under the role of the chosen one?

- And, finally, what can your relationship become if you and your chosen one take off the masks?

Sample layout

Olesya and Alexander have been meeting for a year, but the relationship has been stuck in one pore. It is high time to come together, live together. There are no visible barriers in the relationship, but something prevents one from opening up to one another. The request was made by Olesya. The situation showed the following:

Olesya's mask is a very demanding woman! She constantly makes new requests to Alexander, expects from him the exact fulfillment of them. Things to do? How to meet? Olesya has "valuable instructions" for all this.

The mask of Alexander is the position of the freedom-loving person, who wants to get the maximum pleasure from life, which does not recognize boundaries and rules. Immediately noticeable conflict. But is he really strong? Or is it just masks that are struggling?

What is hidden under the mask of Olesya? What is it really like? And here we are presented by a woman experiencing a whole gamut of negative feelings and emotions. She is at an impasse, she does not see a way out of this situation and all she has to do is wait for a negative ending ... But the mask, mind you, does not back down from the plan, continues to build a wall of demands, at a time when Olesya herself has long been ready to surrender !!

The true sensation of Alexander is conveyed by complete veneration, almost by the worship that he feels towards Oles. He sees in her the ideal of femininity and is ready to serve her interests, ready to become her life companion. But the mask says: "I must be free!". Two adult people seem to be in a vicious circle and win back the scenario of some evil genius, wanting to be together.

What happens if they remove their masks? A card comes from a calm and confident woman who makes the decision herself. That is, in fact, the situation may be in the hands of Olesya. Alexander is ready to be with her if they trust each other. Or Olesya herself can complete this relationship if she finds it necessary for herself! *

Information you need from you

1. Names and dates of birth (yours and the person of interest);
2. It is desirable to have photos (joint or separate, without glasses);
3. A brief description of the nature of your question.
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Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
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