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Doubts about whether to continue the relationship, often bring us grief and anxiety. If You are confused about the relationship with the beloved man and are tired of the uncertainty, You should resort to an astrological information.
Based on the results of the analysis of Your horoscope, I will be able to identify the prospects of Your relationship with a particular man and determine whether or not your Union.

Each forecast is valuable for its practical advice and tips. If You and Your chosen one have a serious conversation about the future of relations, on the basis of astrological analysis, I will be able to find the optimal date for this event.

Even if the stars will show a complete lack of prospects in the Union with Your current satellite forecast will focus on what is waiting for You in your personal life in the coming months.

Example response:

Question: my name is Natalia (27.12.1980), met with Igor (16.05.1978) in the middle of the summer of 2010 and started Dating since August 29 of the same year. However, since the beginning of April this year we started to quarrel from scratch, we began to move away from each other. I think that our relationship with each day getting worse. Whether to continue the relationship or should I go?

Expert's answer: When viewing Your situation first of all drew attention to the date, or rather - the estimated period of Your acquaintance. June and July in the summer of 2010 was marked by the direct movement of Venus and mercury - the main planets responsible for the length of the relationship. However, the beginning of Your novel occurs during the reverse motion of mercury, which suggests that on Your way will continue to meet a difficult situation. The period when Your relationship began deterioration coincides with a corridor of spring eclipses - the latter just occurred on 4 April. Near this date in Your pair could manifest discontent, and then it goes on increasing.

Analysis of the compatibility of the couple, however, shows that the future of Your relationship is. And now it is not necessary to raise the issue of termination of the relationship. On the contrary, it is now necessary to exert all his powers to save them. In the period from July 25 to September 6, Venus is responsible for love and passion, will move in the opposite direction and it will give Your pair a chance to restore the relationship.

In Your horoscope Venus in this time forms a favorable aspect to Mars, ie it is on Your part should go in the initiative for harmonization of relations. A little spontaneity Your couple won't hurt, don't be afraid to take the initiative in love and in intimate questions - it will only strengthen Your Union.

A critical period for Your relationship when You need to send all the power to their preservation, coincides with the period of the fall eclipses from 13 to 28 September. At this time You should avoid quarrels, to show femininity, coupled with the spontaneity. From the first days of October, Your relationship will start to improve and gradually return to normal acceptable to You both. *

Information needed from you

1. Your name and date of birth.
2. The name and date of birth of Your choice.
3. Date Dating or beginning a relationship (at least approximate)
If You are stuck in a difficult situation, do not despair - there is always a way, and I will help You to find him. So I can be as helpful as possible, I need to hear from You a specific question, describing Your problem. Will help You to understand the reasons of love and money problems. Will be personal astrological forecast give practical recommendations concerning relations with people. Experience - 15 years.
Number of pages: 2-3
Deadline: 5 days
50 Euro
Astrological forecast: is There a future relationship?
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